Zoom Whitening

Zoom WhiteningIf you are looking for the ultimate teeth whitening solution, look no further. Our Los Angeles dentist is ready to show you the very best whitening solution available, the Zoom treatment.

If you go to a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist to whiten your teeth, you will often pay hundreds of dollars for “take home” solutions which you must then apply yourself. Often, these treatments take weeks to finish and require you to wear uncomfortable trays filled with gel for up to two hours each day to get results. What if, instead of this messy and long-term treatment, you had the option of coming into our office for a 45-minute session and leaving with perfectly white teeth?

This is what the Zoom whitening treatment offers. In one visit, you can lighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter than your original color, and the treatment is painless and requires no messy take-home trays or gels.

You get immediate, safe results that will have you turning heads the moment you leave our office.

SpringSpecial2014ZoomWhiteningcopyZoom teeth whitening works so quickly because it utilizes a patented peroxide-based gel which quickly penetrates the enamel of your teeth. This gel works its way deep into your tooth’s enamel to life stubborn stains which you may have had for years. In just one session, your teeth will be bleached to a pearly whiteness and all the old yellowish color will be removed.

However, Zoom whitening does not work simply because of the whitening gel. Zoom adds another aspect to the treatment with its special UV light. This light activates the gel and causes it to penetrate your teeth even more quickly and deeply, so you get truly stunning results in a short time.

Teeth Whitening

Regular Price $450

While a few patients complain of slight sensitivity during or immediately after the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, most suffer no side effects whatsoever, and enjoy the results they gain from the Zoom treatment immediately.

If you are interested in Zoom teeth whitening, visit our office to talk to our dentist about your options. We will be glad to discuss the benefits of Zoom with you and start you on the road to a beautiful, healthy smile.


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