Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored FillingsOur Los Angeles cosmetic dentist at Wilshire Dental Care can provide you with tooth-colored fillings to repair decayed teeth. Old, noticeable silver and mercury fillings can also be replaced, creating a more attractive appearance for your teeth. For over 100 years, mercury and silver have done a fairly good job of filling teeth, though there have been some disadvantages. The material can expand, resulting in cracked teeth. The way that the teeth need to be prepared for this type of filling can also be a drawback and these types of fillings usually turn black with time as the metal corrodes.

Tooth-colored fillings don’t carry any of the health risks that have been associated with metal fillings containing mercury, making them an excellent choice for those who may be concerned about this issue. Tooth-colored fillings also look very natural in the teeth, closely matching the color of the tooth itself.

A white filling contains a composite quartz resin and very often an agent that is light sensitive. These fillings are bonded to the teeth, usually in one visit, and this process is referred to as bonding. A tooth-colored filling can be matched to the natural color of the tooth so that it will blend in with the tooth and not be noticeable. Due to this fact, this type of filling will work equally well in front and back teeth. In fact, certain composite material has been designed so that it can withstand the pressure that is exerted on back teeth when chewing.

The adhesives that are used to bond fillings to teeth reduce the chance of leakage and staining along with new decay. If a large area of tooth needs to be restored, a custom fabricated porcelain inlay or onlay, can be used. Discolored teeth can also benefit from the application of Lumineers.

In the bonding process, all decay must first be removed from the affected tooth, which is then properly prepared for the restoration. The dentin and enamel are conditioned, allowing for the application of a thin resin. Bonding will increase the strength of restorations and can be used on plastics and even silver fillings.

Tooth-colored restorations help to prevent breakage and cracks by reinforcing the structure of the tooth. They also provide insulation from temperature changes that can cause irritation in nerve endings.

With the use of tooth-colored fillings, applied by our Los Angeles dentist, an attractive smile can be easily attained. These fillings are strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They will help to strengthen the teeth and also preserve the tooth structure that is remaining. Since they so closely match the tooth color, they also will be virtually undetectable in the mouth. If you are interested in finding out more about these amazing restorations, schedule a consultation.


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