Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningTeeth can become stained and discolored from medications, age, and certain foods and beverages. However, a beautiful smile with white teeth can be attained through various teeth whitening procedures performed by our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist at Wilshire Dental Care. You can have a program designed just for you that will brighten discolored and stained teeth and create the smile you’ve always wanted. You may also choose to purchase kits that you can use at home through ZOOM or Sapphire.

In-Office Tooth Whitening

ZOOM! Professional Tooth-Whitening System
If you want immediate results, this system is perfect for you. ZOOM is a scientifically advanced, effective and safe procedure that will dramatically whiten your teeth in less than one hour. It’s also a convenient way to obtain whiter teeth, as there is no need to wear strips or trays for days at a time.

The procedure begins with a preparation that is placed over the gums and lips, exposing only the teeth. The ZOOM! whitening gel is applied to the teeth and exposed with a light that is specifically designed for the purpose of helping to activate the gel. The combination of light and gel will penetrate the teeth gently, breaking up any discoloration and stains. The procedure can be done in under an hour in three cycles of 15 minutes each, totaling 45 minutes.

1 Hour Zoom
Teeth Whitening

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Regular Price $650

Take-Home Tooth Whitening

These kits are comprised of trays that are custom-made for you from molds that are taken of your teeth. The whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide and is placed in the trays that are worn for approximately 30 minutes twice a day until your teeth have attained the whiteness you desire.


Is teeth whitening safe?
Yes. Research and clinical studies have proven that tooth whitening performed under a dentist’s supervision is safe. Children under 13 years of age and pregnant or lactating women are advised not to use this procedure.

Teeth Whitening

Regular Price $450

How long will results last?
Flossing and brushing twice a day along with routine professional cleanings will help teeth to stay healthy and bright. Touch up kits, bought through the office and used on an occasional basis, will maintain your teeth at their brightest. Keep in mind that tooth whitening treatments will not affect caps, veneers or any other form of restoration.

How does ZOOM! work?
The whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which will break down during the treatment process. As this happens, oxygen will enter the dentin and enamel and bleach stains and discolorations while the structure of the tooth is left untouched. The light that is used helps to increase the benefits of the whitening treatment.

Are there side effects?
Some patients may feel sensitivity during treatment. Also, the light may cause some discomfort due to the minor heat that it generates. A slight tingling may be felt for a few days after treatment, which will subside. A fluoride gel may be recommended for use during this time to minimize any symptoms.

You deserve the whitest smile you can have. Call our office to schedule a tooth whitening appointment with our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist and experience a white, bright smile. It is recommended that a professional cleaning be done to the teeth before any whitening procedure is performed.


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