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TechnologyWilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles is among the few private dental practices in the nation that offers patients a state-of the-art facility fully equipped with the latest in computer, laser and digital technology. A progressive approach combined with sophisticated techniques has proven to be beneficial in giving patients precision results in restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry.

Patients at Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles are offered better comfort and preventative care with a more conservative approach to dental treatment. Due to advanced technology, dental diseases are more easily detected and treated in their early stages. Procedures are minimally invasive and enable more of the natural tooth structure to be preserved.

Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles offers digital X-rays, sterilization, diagnostic lasers and intra-oral cameras. We are able to provide the best dental experience for our patients.

Digital X-rays
Wilshire Dental Care in Los Angeles uses digital radiology in the form of digital X-rays that require no film and can be taken safely and quickly. Patient exposure to radiation is reduced by 80%, and hazardous waste is reduced as well. Patients need only close their mouths on digital sensors. Computers then process the images, which are ready for viewing within seconds.

Sterilization and Patient Safety
Autoclave steam sterilization is used to properly sterilize all dental tools, ensure patient safety by preventing the spread of infection, and maintain an optimally clean environment. An autoclave has a self-locking, pressurized chamber that effectively kills all micro-organisms by heating solutions above their boiling point. Patients can be assured that our sterilization process not only meets but also exceeds accepted sterilization standards.

Diagnostic Laser
The advanced diagnostic laser systems used at Wilshire Dental Care ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated with minimally invasive, safe and virtually pain-free options.

This type of diagnostic tool can detect dental decay in its early stages by measuring tooth density, thus allowing the decay to be treated before the integrity of the tooth is compromised. A diagnostic laser provides examinations that are pain-free, quick and easy. Early detection will preserve tooth structure, often without the need for anesthesia.

Intra Oral Camera
An intra oral camera is attached to a pen-sized unit that allows our dentists and professional staff to take video of the inside of the mouth that is then transmitted to a monitor. Special software will allow these images to be enlarged, frozen or viewed in real time for early detection of dental diseases and accurate diagnoses. The patient’s dental condition can be more accurately documented, allowing the patient’s insurer to have quick access to such documentation so that a prompt response can be obtained.


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