Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Los AngelesOur dentist in Los Angeles can treat cavities by removing the decayed section of the tooth and then filling the opening with specifically designed materials used for this purpose. Fillings also serve to repair cracked and broken teeth and teeth that have been worn down due to tooth grinding or nail-biting habits.

During the decay removal process, the area will be probed and tested to make certain that all decayed portions have been completely removed. The area is then cleaned and prepared for the placement of the filling. When cavities occur near the root of the tooth, our dentist may use a liner consisting of composite resin, glass ionomer or some other type of material to ensure that the nerve of the tooth is protected. After placement of the filling, our dentist will then polish the area for smoothness.

Tooth-colored fillings require layering within the tooth. A light is then used to harden the filling material. To finish, our dentist will then properly shape the material, remove any excess, and polish the restoration.


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