Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal TreatmentsScaling and root planing are the initial procedures usually performed for the treatment of periodontal disease, removing irritants from under the gum line that will help eliminate inflammation and infection. The area is numbed, and the dental hygienist then removes hardened food and plaque that has formed. This is referred to as scaling the teeth and is similar to scaling a fish. Hygienists may also use ultrasonic vibrating tools to literally blast off deposits.

When gums are infected, as in adult periodontitis, Arestin, with Microsphere technology, is applied to kill harmful bacteria that are responsible for causing periodontal diseases. This antibiotic is quick and easy to prepare and administer.

Therapy for periodontal disease can restore good health to teeth and gums. When the gums and supporting tissue are infected, it can be controlled and even reversed with the right treatment. Our Los Angeles dentist and staff can help create a healthier condition within your mouth and further preserve your teeth.

Surgical procedures for periodontal disease include:
• Bone (osseous) Surgery – Pocket Reduction
• Bone (osseous) Graft
• Dental Implant Placement
• Guided Tissue Regeneration
• Crown Lengthening
• Gingival Graft – Soft Tissue Graft
• Cosmetic Periodontal Surgeries

A gingival graft, or soft tissue graft, involves adding soft tissue to thin gums in order to reinforce them. This procedure will also fill in exposed areas from receding gums. Grafted tissue from the roof of the mouth is positioned and sutured in the appropriate location. When gums are thin and have receded, tooth roots will be exposed, creating an unattractive, uneven gum line with tooth sensitivity.

Alternately, there may be an excess of gum and bone tissue. Crown lengthening is a procedure where excess tissue is reshaped, allowing more of the tooth to be exposed. The treatment can be performed on several teeth, one tooth, or the gum line- whatever is required to create a natural smile. Dr. Afar, Los Angeles dentist, recommends this procedure to facilitate a restorative or cosmetic treatment, such as might be needed for a tooth that has broken off below the gum line. Crown lengthening exposes more of a tooth for restoration purposes.


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