Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric DentistryDental care for children is vitally important. The oral health techniques that are used throughout the life of an individual are taught during this important period of development. Children and teens need high quality dental care to facilitate the correct development of teeth and avoid costly dental treatments into adulthood. Our Los Angeles pediatric dentist, Dr. Monica Sharma, uses her passion, experience, and education to provide quality dental care for children and teens. Children need extra time and attention during the treatment process and this requires excellent training and patience by the dental professional.

Infant dental care is necessary to help keep growing teeth clean and healthy. Teeth can begin to grow in the mouth of a child within six months after birth. The frequent intervals of feeding can leave food particles on the teeth and increase the formation of bacterial growth. This bacteria needs to be removed to give teeth the opportunity to be healthy and guide the future formation and development of primary teeth. Our pediatric dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Monica Sharma, designs and implements oral health care for infants. This creates a pattern of good oral health care vitally necessary during the development years.

Teens can easily struggle with dental problems if a good oral hygiene routine is not established early. Our state of the art equipment is used to examine and diagnose common problems that can quickly degrade a smile. Our use of modern equipment like digital x-rays can help to discover problems that may exist below the gum line. Our in-depth oral exams, cleanings, and sealants are used to prevent cavities and keep teeth healthy and white. The prevention of gum disease and cavity formation is important for children and teens. Our dentist uses fluoride treatments and good oral hygiene programs to promote excellent oral health in children.


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