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LumineersLumineers porcelain veneers are crafted of patented Cerinate porcelain which is only available through the Cerinate Smile Design Studio, owned by DenMat Corporation. These veneers are the perfect way to acquire a beautiful smile. There is no need to grind or shave the surfaces of teeth in order for them to be applied. Even existing crowns or bridgework don’t need to be removed or replaced.

Lumineers are made of very strong and durable porcelain. As a result, they are thinner than traditional veneers. In fact, Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens and are placed over existing teeth to transform the smile and hide cracks, chips, discoloration and misalignment issues. Your smile will be custom made for you in a matter of two to three visits to our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.

Since the removal of vital tooth structure is not necessary for the application of Lumineers, it’s also not necessary to receive a shot and the procedure is virtually painless.  If any reduction of a tooth is required, it will only be a very minimal amount and will leave the sensitive part of the tooth intact.

Lumineers are very natural-looking and are an advantageous solution for cosmetically challenged teeth. Clinical studies have shown Lumineers to be a long lasting option- generally lasting for 20 years. Should you ever decide that you would want your Lumineers removed, it can easily be done because of the fact that tooth structure was never disturbed for their placement. This would not be the case with traditional veneers.

Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist would love to transform your smile with Lumineers. You no longer need to be troubled by teeth that are detracting from your appearance. Lumineers are the painless way to achieve the beautiful smile that you are entitled to have, custom made just for you.


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