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Los Angeles PeriodontistPeriodontal disease is one of the largest contributors to decayed or lost teeth. Early detection plays a vital role in the quality of your teeth and gum line. Periodontal disease is not restricted to unhealthy teeth. This disease can affect healthy teeth as well, making routine examinations by our Los Angeles periodontist an important part of your oral health. It takes healthy gums to help produce a beautiful smile and periodontal treatments help restore gum health.

Your gums becomes infected by food particles and bacteria that become lodged under the gum where the tooth meets the gum tissue. The best brushing and flossing routines may not be able to remove these deposits correctly. Periodontic treatments like scaling and root planing are performed by our Los Angeles periodontist to remove these deposits, irritation and infection that is the source of the problem.

Periodontist Los Angeles

Special topical antibiotics can be applied to kill and prevent bacterial growth above and below your gum line. These help to restore your gum tissue to a healthy state and reduce the spread of gum disease that can result in decayed and lost teeth. Controlling and reversing the destruction caused by periodontal disease is one of the services performed by our Los Angeles periodontist to improve your oral health and your smile. An improved oral hygiene schedule will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Advanced procedures may be required if there is significant damage to your gums. Problems existing from periodontal disease may create uneven, crooked or loose teeth. These procedures can be discussed in length after an initial consultation with our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry procedures exist to restore any damage to your teeth to construct a more perfect smile.

Periodontal disease is fully treatable and many people are unaware it is affecting healthy gum tissue until it is revealed during an examination performed by our Los Angeles dentist. The creation of digital technologies is making it much easier to detect periodontal disease. With early detection and proven periodontal care, your smile is in good hands with our Los Angeles periodontist.


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