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Dental Surgery in Los AngelesThere are a variety of procedures considered “dental surgery” which are commonly performed to remove or restore damaged teeth. Our dental surgery expert wants you to have the facts so that the fear of these procedures is reduced and you understand the need for certain types of surgery, what is involved, and how it will affect your oral health.

Dental surgery can be broadly defined as any procedure requiring techniques to remove, repair, or replace teeth. However, in a more narrow sense, dental surgery means techniques or procedures which involve more invasive measures. Good examples of types of surgery commonly performed by our dentist are; placement of dental implants, root canal treatment, and wisdom tooth removal.

Dental implantation is a form of dental surgery involving “implanting” prosthetics into the jaw bone, thereby making them permanent. Dental implants are used to replace missing tooth roots, add support and stability to the jawbone, and prevent sagging facial muscles. Bridges can also be placed in areas where several teeth are missing. While dentures will replace missing teeth, implants have far greater durability and fewer disadvantages than traditional dentures.

Root canal treatment is a dental surgery procedure in which the dentist deeply cleans the root of a tooth to prevent further damage from decay. If a tooth has been allowed to decay past a certain point, the integrity of the tooth’s structure is in danger, and root canal treatment must be performed to save the tooth. It may also be necessary to cap the tooth with a porcelain crown.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth must be removed due to their growth in an impacted or slanted position. This form of dental surgery is common and many young people must have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent damage and misalignment of the other teeth.

Dental surgery need not be frightening. Our office can offer you various sedation dentistry techniques to ensure that your procedure is painless, and that your oral health is given top priority. Do not delay dental surgery if needed.


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